Local Community Enterprise Portal

Gold Fields South Africa has developed this portal and database to assist with strategic sourcing, supplier development and sustainable development in its local communities. Gold Fields encourages individuals or enterprises in our local communities to register their skills and competencies onto this database. The completion of this form does not guarantee the applicant business from Gold Fields, but will assist Gold Fields in their endeavors to transact with and grow local communities. This application constitutes an introduction between yourself or your enterprise and Gold Fields, and, should your enterprise/skills/competencies match the requirements of Gold Fields, you may be required to complete the full Vendor Application form in order to apply to become a Vendor on the Gold Fields Supply Chain Register.
Gold Fields has many supply chain policies and guidelines which provide a global and mutually beneficial platform to inform and engage with suppliers, these can be accessed on the internet website: www.goldfields.co.za/supp_intro.php
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